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SAVE MY BUSINESS with Shane Delia

SAVE MY BUSINESS with Shane Delia

This week’s guest on the Save My Business podcast has a unique story to share.

It’s the story of a boy from an immigrant family in Melbourne’s western suburbs. It’s the story of a young man who found a passion for food and wanted to share it. Above all, it’s the story of a man whose drive, resilience, adaptability, personal and professional ethics, and people skills have helped him become a successful and respected businessman.

The man is Shane Delia, a familiar face on Australian TV screens for more than a decade, from 9am with David & Kim, through Ready Steady Cook and Postcards, to his own internationally acclaimed series Spice Journey and Recipe for Life.

He’s a chef, restaurateur, entrepreneur, brand ambassador, and community leader, whose humble beginnings have ensured he’s always remained grounded and retained his affinity with people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

As Shane says, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you’ve come from, or where you’ve been, people are people.

A big part of Shane’s story is how he’s taken on and beaten a number of challenges and adapted to changing circumstances. Jason delves into how that resilience has manifested itself, and just what Shane thinks and does when faced with adversity.

How his latest venture, the online restaurant-aligned food delivery service Providoor, came about as a response to the pandemic is not only fascinating in itself, but it also gives a tremendous insight into the man and businessman behind it.

Mind you, that’s come with it’s own challenges, notably when thousands of customers were bitterly disappointed – and let Shane and the world know in no uncertain terms – when things went pear shaped on Fathers’ Day.

Even as many in the hospitality industry in Melbourne are desperate to reopen and get back to serving customers at their venues, Shane questions why they’re in such a rush.

He also shares his approach to leadership and makes everything so relatable with his personal experiences.


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