Whether you want to grow your business, your personal wealth, or a combination of the two, we’re here to help.

We’ve been doing it for more than 20 years for well over 10,000 clients.

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Business Advisory

Your business is our business.

You deserve to reap maximum financial and lifestyle rewards for all the stress, strain, and sweat you pour into your business. We’re passionate about you receiving your just deserts.

Too many accountants and advisers are reactive. As a result, decisions aren’t made, opportunities are missed, and progress is curtailed.

That’s not The Practice. Being proactive advisers is in our DNA. It’s enabled us to grow our business steadily, and we can use that proven methodology to grow yours too.

We delve deeper to understand the key drivers of your business so we can grow your cash flow, profits, and business value.

Our vision is to help you build a business that’s ready to sell for top dollar. This requires outstanding cash flow and profitability, great people, air-tight processes, and a business that doesn’t rely on your unrelenting personal effort (which frees up your inner entrepreneur).

You’ll most likely love your business so much that you won’t want to sell … until you get an offer just too good to refuse!

We Grow With You!GROW


Oversight involves the proactive management of your compliance requirements to meet your statutory obligations and give you the foundations for success.

Keeping the books in order can be a major burden on small and medium-sized businesses, and we want to ensure there’s no chance that your record keeping will get in the way of your progress.

The key components are Tax, Audit and Bookkeeping.


Insight is about developing a deep and accurate understanding of your situation and needs so we can help you build an action plan to achieve your goals. The focus is to increase cash flow, profitability and business value.

Insight broadly involves developing and implementing a strategic plan then monitoring performance and refining the plan as required. We use internal specialist skillsets and relevant external business partners to ensure a perfect match to your needs.


While various members of The Practice team have experience across a broad range of industry sectors and much of our professional knowledge is readily transferable, we have developed particular expertise and experience in the following industry-specific niches: