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You need to be held accountable

I’ve found the big differentiator between a raging business success and one that just gets by ultimately comes down to taking action.

Don’t get me wrong – a robust strategy is the critical first step for any successful business. It ensures you stay focused on the actions needed to achieve your objectives. But if you don’t execute on that strategy, it’s a waste of time.

In June this year I took 30 business owners on a business retreat in Fiji. It was life-changing stuff. Business owners get so much value and confidence out of listening to and learning from other business owners… and realising ‘it’s not just me!’

And while every attendee was having breakthroughs and game-changing ideas during the retreat, the real challenge is to maintain that momentum so you stay focused on your key actions for success when you get back.

Unfortunately, life gets in the way of the best laid plans. Which is why it’s critical you are held accountable to do what you said you would, by a given deadline.

Tips to improve your execution

  1. Build an action plan. An action plan is a road map to help you execute on your strategy. It should list critical tasks and milestones with deadlines and who is responsible. I’m a firm believer in a simple 1-page plan to keep you focused on the key actions you need to take (which can be pinned to your wall, and therefore is highly visible).
  2. Be held accountable. Find a trusted person – your business partner, another business owner, or a business adviser – that you can meet with to report on your progress in implementing your action plan.
  3. Mastermind group. Being a business owner can be isolating – not many people can relate to the strains and challenges. Form a mastermind group with a few trusted business owners so you can share your successes, get strategies to overcome challenges, and keep each other accountable to ensure you deliver on your strategy. It’s also incredibly liberating and confidence-building to listen to the challenges other owners face and realise ‘it’s not just me!’.
  4. Meet regularly to check your progress vs strategy. Life gets in the way, and suddenly all those game-changing ideas you came up with during your strategy session are pushed aside to deal with stuff that’s “urgent” but not important. The key to being held accountable is to commit to regular meetings – quarterly can work, but monthly is most effective.
  5. Get expert help to take it to the next level. An experienced business adviser can be a game-changer when executing your strategy. They can provide real-time feedback on current performance so you can adjust your actions accordingly, and can help you navigate any unforseen (and unplanned) challenges that arise.

Reconnect event

We recently held a reconnect event for Fiji business retreat attendees – a great way to catch up and rekindle friendships, but also to verbally commit to your next key actions so you are held accountable. It’s a powerful way to ensure you stay focused on implementing the breakthroughs you get from an event.

I’d love to hear how you hold yourself accountable to ensure you keep executing your strategy. Hit me up on the socials.