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SAVE MY BUSINESS with Tony Doherty

SAVE MY BUSINESS with Tony Doherty

This week’s guest on the Save My Business podcast is a stalwart of the Australian fitness industry, legendary Melbourne gym owner Tony Doherty.

During this toughest of years for his business, Tony became even more of a spokesperson for the entire fitness sector.

You have to hear his first-hand account of dealing with the Victorian Government during the COVID lockdowns to get a full understanding of just how frustrated he and his fellow gym operators were.

You’ll be absolutely taken aback not only by how much money he spent for what ended up being zero return, but his attitude to that massive setback.

We guarantee you’ll be inspired by his outlook on life and business, his approach to dealing with people at all levels, and his general positivity and fighting spirit.

Tony also shares some of the great leadership tips and lessons he’s picked up along the way from the likes of his partner in the Arnold Sports Festival, the one-and-only Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his former boss at the Carlton Football Club, legendary coach Denis Pagan.

It all comes together in a riveting hour with host Jason Cunningham.

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