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Family Law Matters

“I wanted to express my deepest sincerest thanks for everything you’ve done with me in the last 48 hours. My eyes have been opened and my sights have been set, it’s going to be a journey of onward and upward from here. I really feel like I’ve found the right team to help me achieve my dreams – for that, I am eternally grateful… here’s to a fantastic long-term relationship.”

testimonial family-low

Antonella Sanderson,
Principal Solicitor / Director

Black Velvet Coffee

Darren Silverman,
Black Velvet Coffee

Corrinne Armour

“What I do, I do well. And the stuff I don’t want to do, I want outsourced to experts I trust. Working with The Practice has allowed me to enjoy the present, knowing that the future is taken care of, both for us and for our children”

Corrinne Armour,
Leadership expert, Melbourne

Lyn & Wayne

“Working with The Practice team over the last 7 years, we have been able to establish and achieve significant goals on our journey to financial freedom. The Practice team’s support, knowledge and pro activity is integral to that journey, we know our financial interests are in the right hands.”

Lyn & Wayne,
Ivanhoe East

David Schwarz

“I was in financial ruin and turning to Jason was my last chance. I thought there was no way out for me. That meeting changed my life (and my family’s) forever. He is not only the very best in his field; he’s also the very best of people. I’ve no hesitation in saying he’s the best coach I’ve ever had.”


David Schwarz,
AFL legend and business owner

Miguel Frances

Miguel Frances

Paul & Sharon Barry

“The team at The Practice have been a big part of our financial lives. Their approach to wealth creation has allowed us to map out goals and have some piece of mind we have all our fundamentals covered. Their internal communication is excellent and the team are a pleasure to work with.”

Paul & Sharon Barry

Mike & Chris

“If you are seeking an advice team with integrity and knowledge, go no further. Working with The Practice has without a doubt been the best (financial) decision we have ever made. Their knowledge, advice and counsel has assured our long term financial security.”

Mike & Chris,

Dr Joe Husidic

“Working with The Practice makes me feel much safer, which in turn allows me to make important business decisions with higher levels of confidence. You are part of my “Business Oxygen”. Businesses cannot survive without good accounting advice / support / services; you are definitely helping me to keep my business alive.”


Dr Joe Husidic,
Company Mentor & Managing Director

Key Person of Influence

“Jason embodies what it means to be a Key Person of Influence.
He brings a unique perspective (plus a truckload of passion and energy) and helps the audience to achieve results they never thought possible by challenging and inspiring in equal measure.
I was so impressed with his content, I engaged him to be my business adviser. I couldn’t give a stronger endorsement than that.”


Glen Carlson,
Director, Key Person of Influence

Alex & Fern White

“When we first met with Matthew and The Practice, we felt heard again. Peer to peer. Matthew is a down to earth and present advisor, patient with our level of understanding and eager to ensure his advice suits our specific lifestyle and future needs. We feel comfortable with his guidance and over our first 2 years have accumulated a sizable savings and education fund that without his advice, would simply not exist. We’re happy to, and do, recommend him to family and friends and look forward to our meetings.”

Alex & Fern White

Georgia Murch

“What I value about working with Matt (and The Practice) is his honesty, authenticity and commitment. Not only was I able to make a concrete plan for my financial freedom but the process made me think and plan better, in the current and future. With a lot of laughs on the way. In an industry that many clients struggle to trust, Matt is one of the good guys who cares.”

Georgia Murch

The Trading Game

“As a small business owner and internationally acclaimed sharetrader and author, I wouldn’t dream of putting my financial future in the hands of ‘just anyone’. Jason Cunningham and the team at The Practice aren’t just my accountants. They’re my business strategists, my sounding board, and the professionals I turn to that look after every aspect of my business dealings, not just when tax time rolls around. Before any business expansion push, acquisition, or strategic shift, I consult Jason and his team.

His focus, and enthusiasm has been responsible for putting hundreds of thousands of dollars directly into my pocket. I wouldn’t want to be in business without him.”


Louise Bedford,
Director, The Trading Game

SureNet Solutions

“The Practice has been instrumental in helping us to take our business to the next level. We know what we love and do well, which is to provide high quality electrical & communications services to Australian businesses, government departments, Health, Education, commercial developers and builders. Partnering with The Practice has enabled us to focus on what we do best. As well as being a sounding board for us strategically and financially, their proactive advice (that we actually understand!) across a range of areas gives us the confidence we’re on track to get to where we want to be.”

home clients surwNet

Luke Morgan,
Director, SureNet Solutions

C3 Business Solutions

“The team at The Practice have been great at not only supporting my business’ operations and functions, but also in helping me achieve an amazing price when I sold the business. The direction provided by The Practice in accounting, wealth management and finance enabled individual shareholders to achieve their personal financial goals. A full service, holistic solution and a great job, simply well done.”

Testimonials c3 business

Conrad Bates,
Director, C3 Business Solutions

Communicat Business Solutions

“We are a small client of The Practice but we do not feel treated as a small client.

We have been very fortunate to have the support of The Practice over the years. I would definitely recommend them to any organisation that requires a highly proficient accountant who is “not your average accountant” and is able to think outside the square.”


Malcolm White,

Be the next success story