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Graeme Anstey

Graeme Anstey

Associate Director, Business Consulting

As a basketballer, Graeme Anstey makes an outstanding business adviser.

Hanging up the size-16 Converse was a tall order, but his College basketball days were soon a distant memory once Graeme made the big call to join The Practice as Senior Manager in Tax & Business Advisory in March 2013 and was appointed Associate Director in 2017. CPA qualified, he brings over 10 years’ experience in advising SME business owners in a variety of industries in second tier firms.

Graeme has high expectations of himself and his team – he’s driven to help clients grow the value of their businesses through proactive and ongoing service delivery. He takes an aerial view of client needs, and brings a solutions-based approach to his relationships. He’s always on the lookout to make life easy for clients.

He understands the importance of rising above the day-to-day grind to plan for success, and works closely with clients to develop and implement short and long term strategic plans.