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Our Governments, both Federal and State, have made it very clear that we’re trying to manage two concurrent challenges: a public health crisis and an economic crisis.

Both have forced some significant changes to our lifestyles. A lot of us are working from home, some are unable to work at all for the time being and, unfortunately, many people have lost their jobs.

Some of the measures the Government has announced will require some co-ordination and co-operation, while others put thee onus on the individual to figure out how to access financial support.

Whether you’ve previously had any contact with Centrelink or the MyGov website or not, applying for support online has been frustrating for many.

So, we do need to be patient and we need to help each other wherever we can.

Like the Government, the team at The Practice wants to provide as much assistance as possible to anyone who’s facing financial challenges as a result of the COVID -19 pandemic and our community response to it.

We’ve created a new guide which summarises the payments which have been announced so far by the Federal Government, which we hope will clarify what you can apply for and how to access it.

Different individuals and households may be eligible for one or more of the supplements or payments announced so far:

  • The JobKeeper Payment
  • The Jobseeker Payment
  • The Coronavirus Supplement
  • Household Support payments

The JobKeeper payment is about keeping you connected to your employer, so you’ll need to liaise with your employer if you’re eligible for that. We explain how all of that is designed to work.

The Jobseeker payment, however, is one where you’re pretty much on your own, so this guide steps you through what you need to do and – importantly – the things that you used to have to do to apply for unemployment benefits that have been waived for the time being.

Download our COVID-19 Stimulus for Individuals & Households guide below and feel free to reach out if we can offer any further support.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD COVID-19 Stimulus for Individuals & Households guide

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time to discuss how we can assist you to get the support you require.

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