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SAVE MY BUSINESS with Xavier Campbell

SAVE MY BUSINESS with Xavier Campbell

This week’s special guest on the Save My Business podcast is Essendon Football Club CEO Xavier Campbell.

Xavier has steered the traditional AFL powerhouse through two very different challenging times: the so-called Supplements Saga and now the COVID crisis, with all of its uncertainty.

While the first saw the Bombers very much on their own, and constantly under attack from many angles, the second (which, of course, we’re still dealing with) has been far more collegiate.

This time it’s not only the club, not just the AFL, and not only the sports entertainment industry in general, but all businesses having to face significant and unexpected obstacles – not least a massive drop in revenue with accompanying impacts on every member of their staff.

Xavier takes us through both periods, from his perspective, and also explains what makes sporting clubs unique as businesses – notwithstanding Jason’s belief that other businesses can learn a lot from successful sporting clubs.

As well as covering topics from leadership, culture, and behaviour, to dealing with stakeholders, setting targets, and improving processes, the discussion also touches on how the business operates, how that’s changed during the past year, and what Xavier anticipates for the immediate future.

It’s an episode that might change your perspective about AFL clubs (although you’ll still hate the Bombers – unless you love them, like Jason!).


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