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SAVE MY BUSINESS with Jaddan Comerford

SAVE MY BUSINESS with Jaddan Comerford

This week’s guest on the Save My Business podcast is one of the most influential people on the Australian music scene, listed at number 7 on last year’s TheMusic.com.au’s Power 50.

Jaddan Comerford shares the secrets of his success with host Jason Cunningham, starting with his remarkably simple mantra: “If you want to do something, do it”.

Jaddan has an incredible story to tell, from modest beginnings as a 17-year-old creating a record label in his bedroom, through several pivotal successes, to now helming a multi-million-dollar music powerhouse, UNIFIED Music Group.

He talks about the influence of his parents, who took on a new business venture to put Jaddan and his brothers through school, and how his keys to success in business and life are to be honest, work hard, and have goals.

As the CEO of a multi-faceted business that manages leading Australian artists, including Bodyjar, Client Liaison, Illy, SAFIA, Shihad, The Amity Affliction, Vance Joy, and Violent Soho, Jaddan tells Jason how much value he places on building careers – his own included.

You’ll also hear his very direct thoughts on leadership, how he maintains a daily focus on himself, how he deals with issues, and why he loves meetings!

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