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This week’s guest on the Save My Business podcast, presented by Xero, is comedian Joe Avati.

But Joe is much more than simply a performer. He’s got a sharp business brain and sees himself as a promoter first and foremost.

He tells host Jason Cunningham how he wanted to be a rock star but instead got a degree in food science and worked in a lab making ice-creams!

So how did he become an internationally successful comedian? Not simply by being funny. He applied himself to the business of comedy, making sure he understood the formula for success, and being very good at reading the room.

Joe’s story is one of applying universal business rules: understand your target market, pick up on trends, form mutually beneficial partnerships, diversify your income streams, look for ways to expand your reach and build your brand, adapt where necessary, and deliver quality.

Enjoy this engaging chat on the latest edition of the Save My Business podcast, presented by Xero, available now via Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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