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SAVE MY BUSINESS with Mark Castagnini

SAVE MY BUSINESS with Mark Castagnini

This week’s guest on the Save My Business podcast is one of Australia’s leading proponents of Muay Thai kickboxing, Mark Castagnini.

But Jason Cunningham hasn’t asked Mark – aka The Hammer – to come on the podcast because he’s scared of him (although he might be), but because of his incredibly positive and inspirational views.

Mark founded and runs the successful Hammer’s Gym, is President of the Victorian Amateur Martial Arts Association, and a presenter on Fox Sports.

However, as he tells Jason, he started out as an introverted kid with a disciplinarian stepfather, and in the darkest times of his youth he considered ending his life.

His discovery of martial arts has clearly done much to shape him into the confident, resilient industry leader he is today.

Mark outlines some of his personal and business philosophies, explains how he has kept his business going through the lockdown, and gives us some pearls of wisdom about perseverance.

As Jason notes, if ever there was a case of not judging a book by its cover … Mark’s ability to articulate his approach to life and business will convince you that we can all learn from each other, no matter how different our backgrounds or lines of business.

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