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SAVE MY BUSINESS with Kristian Klein

SAVE MY BUSINESS with Kristian Klein

The latest episode of the Save My Business podcast features the founder of leading Melbourne restaurant Mr Miyagi, Kristian Klein.

If you think the hospitality industry has been one of the hardest hit by the impact of COVID-19, you wouldn’t be wrong, but you’ll be amazed and inspired by how Kristian has faced the challenge.

While other restaurants were shutting down, Kristian took his business in a new direction the very next day.

As podcast host Jason Cunningham discovers during their chat, always looking forward with an uber-positive attitude is how Kristian has always conducted himself and his businesses – even when he somewhat randomly went into the online shoe business and when he took on hospitality with little experience of the sector.

Kristian offers so many fantastic insights and pearls of wisdom, including:

– Why customer experience is key

– Why doing things differently can be a good thing

– The premium he puts on recruiting and retaining great people

– How analysing customer data helps target your offering and your marketing

– Why making mistakes doesn’t matter

Perhaps the most impressive thing about the way Kristian has taken on the challenges to his business, and the hospitality sector in general, is how he has collaborated with others to live the mantra that ‘we’re all in it together’.

If you don’t have a more positive attitude and renewed enthusiasm after listening to this podcast … well, we don’t need to finish that sentence because we’re 100 per cent sure you will!

This episode absolutely nails why Jason started the Save My Business podcast: the opportunity to share inspiring and uplifting stories, varied but proven approaches, and business philosophies that have contributed to success.

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