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Is your business funding the lifestyle you want… or is your lifestyle supporting your business?

All businesses are fundamentally the same.

If I’ve learned one thing from my 18 years in business working with hundreds of SME clients (and growing my own little business), it’s that we owners all have the same challenges:

  • Attracting and retaining the right team members who are great at what they do
  • Attracting and retaining your ideal customers – people who pay on time, take your advice, and are a joy to work with
  • Getting employees to consistently do the right things, at the right time, so your customers keep coming back – and so you’re freed up to work less in your business and more on it.
  • Generating enough cash flow to pay your team members and your bills (and you!)

Most business owners fail on the last point. They don’t focus on generating enough profit to fund their lifestyle – because too often we business owners mistakenly put it the other way around and sacrifice our lifestyle for our business.

But are your profit targets adequate enough to live the life you want? Or are they psychologically limiting the growth of your business because, like most SMEs, you do enough to get by… and no more?

Build a business that’s a dream to run, and that people are clamouring to give you a huge cheque to buy…

Join me at my next Business Bootcamp on Wednesday 26 August, and I’ll show you:

  • How to smash the unseen limiting behaviours that are holding your business back
  • The steps every business owner should put in place to create the lifestyle you want to achieve (and that will also play a key role in driving the growth of your business)
  • How to understand and reconcile the dual (and often competing) roles every business owner has to fulfil

Armed with these insights, and more, you’ll build a business that has:

Brilliant cash flow

An amazing team who are motivated, engaged, and work together to achieve incredible results
Clients that are a delight to work with, pay on time, & value what you do
The profits you need to live the lifestyle you want
…and you’ll create an entity that runs better when you’re not there

Best of all: discover how to maximise the value of your business (ie maximise the cheque you’ll get if and when you choose to sell it).

Tickets for this powerful all-day event are just $249 – but for a limited time we have a 2 for 1 special – buy one, and bring a partner or business owner friend for free!

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Take ONE DAY out of your business and get to work on making it amazing.

I really hope you can join me for a powerful, motivational, transformational day…

Limited 2 for 1 special – buy one, and bring a partner or business owner friend for free/
To your success,