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Business Retreat:
Byron Bay, 2018

3-Day Business & Growth Event

was held on April 26-28 in Byron Bay

Business owners developed a clear action plan to grow their business – guided by world-class experts

Build your dream business in paradise


A must-attend event for business owners who want to:

  • Shift their focus from working in the business to on the business.
  • Understand the benefits of getting away from their business to ensure they’re taking action in the most critical areas… but can never find the time (because they’re too busy ‘doing stuff’).
  • Know that spending time with world-class experts and getting practical, hands-on guidance can exponentially increase their achievement.
  • Get inspired by spending time with like-minded business owners who are supportive, encouraging, and determined to succeed.

Three things that make this business retreat special

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7 Key Ingredients of Business Success

The retreat is structured around the 7 Key Ingredients of Business Success from Jason Cunningham’s book Have Your Cake And Sell It Too. This framework will ensure you stay focused on the most potent activities to drive you towards your end game.

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Develop a clear action plan for growth – guided by world-class experts

To successfully achieve your end game requires clarity, focus and accountability. Over the 3 days you’ll build your own simple yet powerful 1-page plan to ensure you take action in the most critical areas for success.

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Networking like it’s supposed to be

Being a business owner is isolating. One of the most powerful aspects of these retreats is the opportunity to spend quality time with peers – other business owners – who understand your challenges and fears. Tap into the collective wisdom that spans a range of industries and business stages. You’ll make incredible connections – and the odd lifelong friend.



Jason Cunningham

Jason Cunningham is one of Australia’s premier business growth experts, and the host of The Practice Business Retreats. At 24, he co-founded the business and personal wealth advisory firm The Practice, and today he is Director of Business Advisory.

Over a 20 year career he’s inspired thousands of business owners to take action to build a better business, and get the full financial and lifestyle rewards they deserve from their business.

As well as a successful business owner, Jason is an FCPA, author, industry thought leader, engaging keynote speaker, and member of Channel 10’s The Living Room and Triple M’s The Rush Hour with James Brayshaw and Billy Brownless.

Jason’s latest book, Have your cake and sell it too, combines his 20+ years’ experience as a successful business owner and consultant with cracking insights from world-class industry leaders. The lessons from his journey to business success form the 7 key ingredients of business success which provide the framework for the business retreats.



Steven Bradbury

Steven Bradbury is a legend in Australian Olympic history, and he’s joining us in Byron to share his incredible sporting journey and his strategies for business success.

Dubbed the ‘luckiest’ Olympic gold medalist, Steven argues luck is when preparation meets opportunity. ‘Luck’ also involves a clear strategy for how you’ll use your unique talents to beat the competition, no matter how highly fancied they are. And being ‘lucky’ doesn’t correlate with a broken neck, losing 4 litres of blood on the ice, and training 5hrs a day, 6 days a week for 12 years.

Steven will share his personal Have-Your-Cake-And-Sell-It-Too journey of building his own custom speed skate and cycling shoe company (RBC) to a global success story exporting to 22 countries, before selling it in 2012.

His presentation covers leadership, teamwork and sustaining a culture of success and positive mindset.



Cameron Schwab

Cameron Schwab is a leadership mentor and strategist, speaker, and founder of designCEO. He works with CEOs, founders, partners and their leadership teams to establish high levels of strategic, organisational and personal trust as the basis of high performance.

At age 24, Cameron was appointed CEO of the famous Richmond Football Club, the youngest CEO in the 160-year history of the AFL, the preeminent elite sporting competition in the country.

Over 25 years in the AFL pressure-cooker, Cameron established a track record of building teams and organisations, and unifying groups while navigating periods of genuine adversity and complexity.

Building on the wisdom of a quarter of a century of leadership lessons, Cameron will reinforce the importance of ‘Strategy’ through his authentic and vulnerable account of the challenges of leadership, navigating change and building trust in teams and organisations. His presentation will reveal that leadership is not something to ‘do’, it is something to ‘be’.



Ron Gauci

Ron Gauci is a dynamic and inspirational transformation and business growth specialist, having taken on some of the most difficult commercial and brand reputational challenges. Most notably, Ron was appointed CEO of the Melbourne Storm in the aftermath of the devastating salary cap rorting scandal which threatened the club’s very survival.

Currently CEO of The Practice, Ron has also held executive positions at Melbourne’s iconic Federation Square, the financially challenged Melbourne Polytechnic (formerly NMIT), and the Aust/NZ operations of the US based global technology company Verizon Business.

Ron has held senior leadership and executive roles in ASX & NYSE listed, global multinational, joint venture and government organisations including Microsoft, Telstra and IBM, as well as directorships in a range of not-for-profit and startup ventures. He continues to sit on several boards across a variety of industries.



“Great mix of businesses and business owners – different thoughts and solutions to problems. Pulled me out of working in the business so I could work on the business again. Made us realise how important focused strategy sessions are for us to move forward and grow.”

– Wes York, Futuristically Lucrative Sales & Coaching International, QLD

“Great opportunity to pick Jason’s brain, and meet a group of exceptional business people who contributed to each other so well… and will create a future ‘think tank’. Loved socialising with Jason and the other participants – building lifelong (and life-changing!) friendships!”

Antonella Sanderson, Family Law Matters, NSW











Have Your Cake And Sell It Too is not just about selling your business;  it’s about building a business that others want to buy off you. So until you’re ready to sell, you’ll enjoy the financial and lifestyle fruits of a profitable business that doesn’t rely on you (so you’ll probably want to hang onto it). The key to strategy is having a ‘sell mindset’, and undertaking ongoing strategic planning.

Understand your business:

This centres around three critical (but undervalued) components of your business’ success: your mission statement, your core values and your why. These are the foundations on which you can build a successful and valuable business.


Learn how to attract more of your ideal prospects through marketing, and convert them to customers through an effective sales process. Key to this is looking at your business through your customers’ eyes so you remain focused on their needs and provide an exceptional customer experience.


Having the right structure is vital in order to maximise your returns, as is getting the right data and knowing what to do with it (your business dashboard and management reporting processes are key).


There’s a delicate balance between strategy and operation. A sound strategy is vital, but success ultimately hinges on implementation – or getting sh*t done. At the heart of Execution is a focus on harnessing the true potential of your people through a great culture, and providing rock-solid processes for them to follow.

Sack yourself:

The true key to business success is giving you more time so you can operate in your genius. Learn how to build a self-sufficient business that doesn’t rely on you, and understand the importance of separating yourself from your business so it supports your lifestyle (not the other way around).


Understand and apply the critical steps which bridge the gap between your current and desired sale price. Know the factors that drive business value, and have an exit strategy that identifies who your potential buyers are, so you can make changes to ensure your business is as attractive to them as possible.



Set up the next 12 months so you take massive action in the critical areas for your business (and identify the 'time vampire' areas that are draining and constraining you)

Make connections with positive, driven, like-minded business owners just like you that are all striving to build better businesses

Walk away with your 12 month action plan to implement the key strategies from Jason's latest book Have Your Cake And Sell It Too

Start to enjoy the financial and lifestyle flexibility rewards you went into business for in the first place

Take action to grow the value and attractiveness of your business asset so you get a bigger cheque when you one day choose to sell it

Share war stories, get things off your chest, and be heard by people who understand your challenges, fears, and frustrations


Location & Venue

Join Jason Cummingham and friends for an intensive implementation retreat in the idyllic surrounds of Byron Bay.

The Byron at Byron Resort & Spa

77-97 Broken Head Road, Byron Bay, NSW 2481


The Practice Business Retreat

3-Day Business & Growth Event

was held on April 26-28 in Byron Bay



includes all meals
(flights and accommodation not included)

Special Offer

Save $1,000 for each additional ticket
Bring another owner or team members from your business for just $2290+GST per ticket (include all meals, exclude flights and accommodation)

Early bird discount

Book your ticket before Fri 16 March and pay only $2290 (or $1990 for additional tickets) – save $300 per ticket


Money back guarantee:

We’re so confident you’ll get full value for money from attending the retreat – and then some - that we’ll refund your ticket price if you don’t feel you get the knowledge, tools and inspiration to start building a better business.



We recommended staying at
The Byron At Byron Resort & Spa


Airport Transfers can be arranged with The Byron at Byron Resort & Spa reception.

Flying to (near) Byron Bay

Most flights to the region arrive at the The Gold Coast Airport (OOL) in Coolangatta QLD (45 mins North). There are a couple smaller regional airports located in Ballina - BNK (30 mins South) and Lismore - LSY (50 mins West). Airlines flying into the region include; Virgin Australia, Jetstar, TigerAir and Qantas.

Driving To Byron Bay

Byron Bay is about a 9 hour drive from Sydney and about a 2 hour drive from Brisbane.



Ally O'Halloran
Ph: (03) 8888 4000
Email: events@thepractice.com.au

You can also arrange a call with Jason to learn more about the content, and get a better
understanding of what you'll get out of attending. (Contact Ally to arrange a call with Jason).