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SAVE MY BUSINESS with Dr Patrick Aouad

SAVE MY BUSINESS with Dr Patrick Aouad

Jason Cunningham’s special guest on this week’s edition of the Save My Business podcast, presented by Xero, is neurologist and medi-tech entrepreneur Dr Patrick Aouad.

Pat and his business partner, Danny Mann, have created a revolutionary model for the delivery of holistic healthcare: Australia’s first virtual clinic.

Pat is passionate about providing care in a way that contributes to both the wellbeing of patients and the productivity of businesses by delivering healthcare services directly to employees in their workplaces.

In his chat with Jason, Pat explains his motivation, his approach, and why he believes it’s imperative for businesses to invest in their employees’ wellbeing.

He’s a man with vision and drive and it’s easy to see why he’s at the forefront of a significant change to what has been the traditional model of healthcare delivery.

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