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SAVE MY BUSINESS with Donna Aston

SAVE MY BUSINESS with Donna Aston

Donna Aston has become one of Australia’s leading health, nutrition, and fitness practitioners, mainly through her incredible passion for what she does (and a fair bit of hard work).

As if her reputation didn’t precede her, you’ll hear how much of an advocate for Donna and her Aston Rx program Save My Business host Jason Cunningham is. But that seems to be the way with all of her clients, because she has an amazing track record of transforming people’s lives by guiding them to better all-round health and wellbeing.

As Donna shares her story of working out at weight-lifting gyms before it became fashionable for women, living and working overseas, writing books, running her own gyms, and figuring out the keys to combining nutrition with weight loss, you’ll understand how her energy, positive attitude, and authenticity have helped her create the trusted brand that is associated with her name.

It’s a great example of what reputation is all about, and how much it’s worth.

At the same time, Donna has proven herself to be an astute businesswoman with a real entrepreneurial flair. She shares some of the tips, tricks, and traits that have helped her blaze new trails at every turn.

She’s set her own bar pretty high with the quality of her online offering via AstonRx.com and the testimonials certainly back up the fact that she’s changed a lot of people’s lives for the better. Jason happily admits to being in that boat himself!


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