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SAVE MY BUSINESS with Dan MacPherson

SAVE MY BUSINESS with Dan MacPherson

Jason Cunningham’s special guest on this week’s edition of the Save My Business podcast, presented by Xero, is actor and TV presenter Dan McPherson.

He recounts his personal journey, including the recent adversity of the pandemic, returning to Sydney after a decade in Los Angeles, the birth of his first child, and the breakdown of his marriage.

Dan tells Jason how he’s taken chances, handled success and rejection, made decisions, and remained grounded and true to himself.

He talks about the importance of family, particularly in light of fatherhood, and how his background as a triathlete has influenced his life and career.

There are some fascinating insights – and some interesting anecdotes – about how he’s navigated an industry that can take a toll on a person’s self-confidence, and how perseverance can pay off.

It’s an amicable and enjoyable chat and it’s available now via Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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