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SAVE MY BUSINESS with Cameron Schwab

SAVE MY BUSINESS with Cameron Schwab

Cameron Schwab has a unique way of explaining some of the most important and impactful aspects of leadership by telling his own stories.


Cameron grew up in the world of VFL administration, watching from across the desk as his father dealt with many of the biggest names and biggest issues in Australian sport.
He was appointed CEO of the Richmond Football Club at just 24, then spent the best part of 25 years as CEO of three AFL clubs as they all went through tumultuous times.


Along the way, he has faced personal and professional challenges, learnt from some of the great coaches, dealt with highly tuned athletes at various stages of their own journeys, and studied Fine Art!


It’s fair to say he has forged his own path, learning many valuable lessons, and has subsequently been able to channel his deep experience in leadership into his current role, mentoring CEOs, senior and emerging leaders, and their organisations.


Cameron is a master at sharing his perspective how to be successful in a leadership role, outlining how to build a high-performance culture, and giving people a clear understanding of what it takes to be a connected, authentic, and effective leader.


The resource discussed by Cameron and Jason, as well as Cameron’s book, ‘More To The Game’ can be found via the links below.

‘More To The Game’ by Cameron Schwab

If you would like more information about Cameron, visit his website at designceo.com.au

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