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Caitlin Mathews

Caitlin is an Associate Director in the Business Advisory team. She has over a decade’s experience in the accounting industry, having started at The Practice as a co-op accountant in 2006 before completing her degree in 2007 and her CPA in 2010.

Today, Caitlin manages a team of 4 accountants and is responsible for over 50 clients. Most clients are time-poor, and unclear of their next move – they know their business can improve, but they don’t have the clarity or confidence to make it happen by themselves. Caitlin sees her role as twofold: to educate clients and reduce their confusion; and also to work collaboratively with them to provide support and keep them on track to achieve their goals. Ultimately, she frees up their time to allow them to operate in their genius.

Some of the services Caitlin provides for clients include strategic planning, quarterly management reports & meetings, CFO activities, structure advice, and managing compliance requirements.

She’s worked with all types and sizes of businesses, across a range of industries: from start-ups (such as the innovative Shebah all-female ride-sharing service) through to million-dollar established businesses such as household name franchises.

What Caitlin loves most about her role is the client interaction. She’s more than just an accountant – as their business adviser, she really gets to know her clients, and has the pleasure of taking them on a journey to building a business they love (or love even more). Seeing clients achieve what they set out to do is what motivates her.

Caitlin enjoys the mentoring aspect of her role, and loves watching her team develop and grow.

Her goals for the future are simple. She wants to continue to develop professionally, and as a person. One day she aspires to make Partner; but for now she’s more than happy helping clients achieve results they never thought possible.