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Business Bootcamp – Wed 26 August

BUSINESS IS TOUGH – GET FIGHTING FIT at Jason Cunningham’s Business Bootcamp

It takes one to grow one. Tap into Jason Cunningham’s business-building expertise and learn his fundamentals for business success in this intensive 1-day workshop.

Tired of treading water with your business? Know you need to make changes, but don’t know where to start? Identify the key activities you should focus on for maximum effectiveness, and start building a 12 month action plan.

You know your business could be performing better. Running smoother. Generating more cash flow. But most business owners are trapped on the tools, and too busy putting out fires to find time for the big-picture thinking that’s needed to take things to the next level.

Author, business owner and business growth expert Jason Cunningham (from Channel Ten’s The Living Room and SEN1116’s The Run Home, and founding partner of financial services firm The Practice) will reveal the fundamental business lessons he’s learned from helping SMEs succeed for over 18 years, plus his own business journey founding and buildingThe Practice.

Take one day out of your business, and get to work on making it amazing:

  • generate more cash flow and profit
  • attract more of the customers you love working with
  • build an amazing team that know exactly what is required of them
  • create a business that runs better when you’re not there
  • develop an action plan to realise your ‘end game’

Jason’s 1-day intensive Business Bootcamp will give you the tools, strategies, mindset and confidence to transform your business and get your life back. Join Jason, key members of The Practice team, and a bunch of driven, growth-oriented business owners just like you as Jason leads you through the steps to take your business to the next level.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to grow your business’ value by 10x, and build a highly valuable and desirable asset (even if you have no immediate plans to sell)
  • The foundations of business success: your purpose, values, vision, goals, and your ‘why’
  • The 4 pillars of business (and why your financials come last)
  • Business improvement tools such as the RAVDA (a SWOT analysis on steroids)
  • How record-keeping tools can simplify and streamline your operations, and give you more control by providing real-time updates on the metrics that matter
  • Marketing tips and tools to attract your ideal customers
  • Jason’s business success principles and leadership lessons (through his consulting work with clients, and his own experience building The Practice)

Your investment:

A one-on-one strategic planning session with Jason costs between $2,000 – $10,000. But by bringing together similar businesses (with the added bonus of learning from other industries), we’re able to drastically reduce the cost.

How much would you pay for:

  • Improved cash flow?
  • Higher profitability?
  • Clear direction – what your business needs to focus on first?
  • Reducing stress and admin hassles?
  • Getting your life back?


Bootcamp testimonals:

“Motivating… A great roadmap to success. Thank you for the day!”

“Great team – great day. Travelling 400kms to be with you was nothing for what I got out of the day.”

“Enlightening… we have already started implementing some of the recommendations made by Jason.”

“It was priceless to do this boot camp with other businesses – great to look outside for inspiration.”

“When’s the next one?  Have got people up here asking about it already!”