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Brad Davidson

I first joined The Practice as an undergraduate accountant in 2001, and after completing university I became a full time team member in 2004. After working my way through the ranks over eleven years, I was excited to be made a Partner of the firm in 2015.

I lead a team of hard-working and highly skilled business advisers that work together to achieve outstanding results for clients. I’m passionate about helping the team develop the skills, experience and confidence to grow into the future leaders of The Practice.

I help a diverse range of clients build better businesses by providing expert advice so they can capitalise on opportunities and maximise their outcomes. This is backed up by our Personal Wealth Advisory team who ensure our clients build wealth securely and effectively.

I specialise in the music and entertainment industry – advising musicians, actors, comedians, models and sportspeople on Australian and international taxation matters. (I also help the stars behind the stars – the managers and festival organisers that give the talent the platform to perform.)

My job is to make life easy for my clients, so they can operate in their genius. I take care of the mundane (but absolutely critical) numbers, to free them up to do what they love.

The relationships I’ve developed with my clients over many years goes beyond just ‘work’. Helping good people achieve great outcomes, and calling many a friend, is the best part of my role.

It’s exciting times. I look forward to helping The Practice grow and evolve so we can continue to help our clients with their ever-changing business and personal wealth creation needs.