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Big changes, exciting plans

As another year races by, it’s timely to recap some of the important changes at The Practice this year, and hint at some of the exciting plans we have in store for 2017:

Important changes

1/ The firm has decided that we need Robert Hadded’s hands-on skills as we continue to refine our Personal Wealth Advisory offering. He will head up this division throughout 2017, bringing with him a wealth of experience in finance, structuring and asset protection, and of course tax. His leadership will help us build an even more cohesive team that is focused on helping you fuel your family’s future.

2/ As a result of this change, I have agreed to take over the CEO position, effective immediately. I’m confident you won’t notice any change to the high service standards we aspire to deliver for you.

3/ Our Finance Solutions team is really taking shape. Craig Ridley joined us mid year to lead the team, and Chris Reid, Liz Arche and Jenny Gip have been fantastic in supporting him. The team is set for a huge year in 2017 with the support of Rob Hadded. We have now added business finance as well as asset finance.

Exciting plans for 2017 and beyond

In early 2017 we’ll be making two major announcements. We can’t say any more just yet, other than in the spirit of our Business Advisory ethos, “It takes one to grow one”, both changes will bring significant growth opportunities for us, and will mean an expanded range of services for our business clients.

And… stay tuned for the launch of The Practice App in early 2017!

On behalf of the entire team here at The Practice, we wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy Christmas, and a prosperous 2017.

Alan Bliss

CEO, The Practice