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SAVE MY BUSINESS with Ant Crowther & Robert Hadded

SAVE MY BUSINESS with Ant Crowther & Robert Hadded

If you’re in business – and even if you’re not – you’ll be blown away by some of the revelations in the first episode of Jason Cunningham’s new podcast Save My Business.

Jason speaks with Antony Crowther, the founder and CEO of New York Minute, and co-founder and director of The Practice, Robert Hadded, about some of the challenges they’ve faced and how they’ve handled those.

What do you do when you have no choice but to change your business and your behaviour, for example when COVID-19 hits … or, in the case of the quick-service restaurant industry, Uber Eats disrupts your business model.

It’s a fascinating insight into what a business needs to do to survive and thrive, from a couple of outstanding special guests.

Check out Save My Business, Episode 1 … and stay tuned for more.

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